Would you work for your customer?

At a small networking event tonight I ran into a guy who told me what his company did: they have a software solution that helps companies snoop on their employees. The goal of the software is to identify rogue employees, but in reality it lets you do much more than that. Kind of like the PATRIOT act, but at the corporate level.

He finished his introduction by saying “You know, I wouldn’t want to work for a company that is a customer of mine. The invasion of privacy is insane.”

That made me realize – it’s an interesting test of the legitimacy of what you’re doing. Ask yourself this: are you more likely to work for a company after they bought your product?

If the answer is no, I’d argue you’re in the wrong business.

In my case the answer is yes: I truly believe in the value our product gives not just to the company that buys it, but also to the individuals who work there. As a result, their working environment becomes a better one. Therefore, I’d be more likely to want to work there than if they had not bought indeni.

So, what’s your answer to this question?