Startup Founders + Adrenaline

Most startup founders I know, myself included, are some sort of tech geeks. They love gadgets, technology, software and can’t stop thinking about how technology can change the world.

When you think “Tech Geek”, I’m sure the word “Adrenaline” isn’t the first one that comes to mind. Probably not the second, or third either. However, Memorial Day has brought me to the conclusion that tech geeks can be addicted to adrenaline. Actually, if they are founders of startups, they are most probably actually addicted to it.

This three-day weekend is too long for me. I want to be back in the action – interact with people, sell, hire, tackle tough product challenges, make another step forward towards world domination. But, there’s nobody to interact with! Customers are on vacation. Partners are on vacation. Our US office is closed and the Israeli office can only deal with so much of my jabber.

So instead, my mind is racing, planning, thinking of what else we want to achieve over the next few months. That, in turn, is resulting in more adrenaline. I have a full tank of gas and nowhere to go with it. It’s frustrating on the one hand, but I wouldn’t want to see myself in a job or project that does not result in this feeling.

I hate holidays.

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