Those Moments You Realize You’ve Hired The Best

Once in a while I see someone from our team do something incredible. Whether it’s build a very solid element of the product, fix an insane bug, close a deal I was certain was lost or get an SVP of an incredible company highly interested in what we do. It can be many other things, too. These moments though bring a little tear to the edge of my eye.

For me, I suddenly realize that we’ve made the right choice with hiring that specific someone. He or she is driven and motivated to achieve the vision. They live our story in their bones and are looking to share it in the world. A story that started in a smelly little apartment in Tel Aviv just a few years ago.

I’m not entirely sure how we’ve achieved this and how to consistently achieve it. Some people say it has to do with culture (and write a 27-slide presentation on it). In my opinion it’s a matter of hiring amazing individuals into roles that you know they’ll love in a company that is really making a dent on the universe. Then trust them to be amazing.

Then again, who am I to know? We’re not even 100 people at indeni. Yet.

Even the ice-man (a story for another post) is allowed to be emotional at times. 🙂

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