Why You Shouldn’t Work From Home

You have an amazing idea. You’re excited. You’ve left your job (or are about to). You’re broke and cannot afford an office. So you think to yourself: “I’ll just work from home now until we raise money.”

Big mistake. Big. Huge.

After leaving Check Point to start indeni I thought I can start working from home (this was before Marrisa Mayer outlawed it). A one bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv without a study or a small office in an amazing location and no parking. Fabulous!

A week later I found myself sitting on the couch in my boxers with a laptop, realizing I haven’t showered in three days. Noa, my wife today, girlfriend back then, was amazingly tolerant of this.

The reason this is a mistake, though, is not because of the scent that filled the living room. It was actually the fact that when working out of home you don’t interact with other people throughout the day. Seeing people, having lunch with them, talking to them, even if they’re completely unrelated to what you’re working on, will help you make progress. For example: they will keep asking you what is it that you’re actually doing. Trying to answer that in the early days is as difficult as proving Ferme’s Last Theorem.

But still, you have the problem that you’re broke and cannot afford an office. The solution to that is simple, you find a really good friend and ask for a favor. In my case, it was Lior Akavia, the CEO of Seebo, who came to the rescue. He gave me a place to be when I needed one. Thank you Lior!

Good luck in whatever you’re trying to do!

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