When Customers Give You A Run For Your Money

When you’re a product guy like me, you get excited every time someone uses your product. You think to yourself “That’s my baby out there! Look at how amazing it’s doing!”.

Today, indeni has grown to the size where at any given moment, dozens of enterprises are trying out our software. Those trials usually run for 14 days (we’ve come to the conclusion customers don’t need more than that) and the vast majority convert to paying customers. It gives us a sense of pride – people love what we do.

Sometimes, some of those enterprises trying our software, decide to take our product apart. Piece by piece. Inspect every alert, every feature in every possible scenario. Today I reviewed a report by our support department: there are currently several very large organizations (financial institutions, pharma and government mostly) taking our product apart.

It’s amazing to see what they look at. What they care about. What they verify before making their decision to buy. In my experience, it’s highly uncommon for someone to take this approach. Most of our customers don’t.

Look at your smartphone. Do you know every feature it has and how it works? Have you found all the kinks and where your smartphone is pushed to the extreme? >90% of people I ask this say all they do is call/text/use-apps. They have no idea how to find their APN settings or what that even is. It’s fine, they really don’t need to know actually. I’m actually the odd one out here – knowing what APN is and when you need to change it.

When someone does want to know, though, things become interesting. And if your product can not just tolerate the third degree it’s getting but actually deliver, you become all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s an incredible feeling to suddenly, and repeatedly, realize you’ve built something that actually works.

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