Why Optimist? Why Entrepreneur?

My name is Yonadav Norman Leitersdorf. You can call me Yoni for short.

Years ago I decided to leave a comfy job and start my own business – indeni. Since then, I was fully focused on getting a product out the door, finding the first customers and hiring our first employees. I have recently lifted my head up from the day-to-day operations and realized there was something missing.

I no longer had a separate existence. My being merged with that of my company and was indistinguishable. My company is my baby (one of three – the other two are Gili and Michael). On a daily basis, I put everything I have into it and have given no regard to my own, independent brand. My independent brand is important – just as people like Aaron Levie, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison have made it clear to us all.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Mark Suster’s post on personal brands. After thinking about creating my own brand for a while, this post helped me crystallize what I wanted to achieve. So thank you Mark.

I find myself thinking a lot about my life, my work and my family. Most of my thoughts come up in the shower, which is why I take 20-30 minute long showers (although considered by many to be a bad idea – hopefully I won’t be all wrinkly in a few years). Showers are the most productive time of the day for me because they happen in the morning (my brain gets into gear very quickly) and there are no interruptions.

I digress.

My goal with this blog is to be open, sharing, brutally honest, with what goes on in my mind. Since 99% of what goes on in my mind is about work, so will these blog posts be.

Lastly – the name of the blog came from the two characteristics that define me the most: I’m an eternal optimist, knowing that the future is bright, and I’m addicted to building things, hence the entrepreneur.

Looking forward to sharing, listening and discussing with you all.

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